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Unboxing: Jurassic Park Limited Amber Edition Welcome Kit

By November 18, 2020Review

The ultimate Jurassic Park collectible has arrived! Doctor Collector’s Amber Limited Edition Welcome Kit is truly a Jurassic fan’s dream come true, filled with enough incredible (and exclusive) items to make even the most seasoned collector swoon. The iconic “When Dinosaur’s Ruled the Earth” banner, a letter from John Hammond himself, and—yes—even an actual floppy disk containing a virtual park tour are all just a small taste of what’s inside. Watch the full video above and bask in the original prehistoric theme park’s collectible glory.

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  • Erik says:

    I’m curious to see if the floppy disk actually has any content on it or if it’s merely just a prop. It’d be cool if it actually had some material on it. I remember floppy disks, it’s difficult to find modern computers and laptops that run them nowadays.