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Mega Roar “Blue”: Reviewing Mattel’s Latest Electronic Raptor Toy

By November 8, 2023Review

Let’s unbox some new Jurassic World toys! Check out my latest review of Mattel’s Mega Roar Velociraptor Blue figures presented in ultra-HD 4K resolution.

  • Roar, chomp, burp! This Mega Roar edition of dinosaur Blue brings Jurassic World raptor sounds to life, with fierce roaring, snack-induced chomping and even loud burps!
  • Pull the right leg farther and farther back to open Blue’s mouth wide and listen for increasingly loud roars!
  • Streeeeetch! Flexible tendons allow a really wide-open and intimidating jaw on this 7.7-inch long dinosaur.
  • Buuuuurrpp! Feeding play is encouraged with the ‘snack’ accessory included. It activates chomping sounds and even belches or burps!

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  • Alex Costa says:

    Hi I have been a fan of dinosaur for long time
    Since I was 4!!and I and 14 now Iand I want to be a paltalitjust and yea

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