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New Jurassic World 6-Inch Value Figures 4K Review

By October 14, 2020Review

In our latest video as part of Collect Jurassic’c 4K Unboxing / Review series, let’s review some all-new additions to the Jurassic World 6-Inch Value/Budget/Economy toy line of action figures. These include Rexy with a personal favorite paint deco, plus a WILD looking Stygimoloch! Watch for an in-depth look at these rarer Mattel Jurassic toys.

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  • Amy says:

    I love your website your YouTube is amazing, just subscribed! I think it’s awesome how you have all the updated info and you let us know where to find! So a huge thank you I’m a big JW Fan due to my 8yr old is obsessed and therefore I am to. Happy Holidays

  • Stephanie Gonzalez says:

    Where can I purchase the 4K dinosaurs?