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Massive Unboxing & Review: New Jurassic World Dominion & Legacy Collection

By September 10, 2022September 22nd, 2022Review

Let the Jurassic toy floodgates open! In this special “Mega Haul” unboxing video, I’m opening a literal herd of new Mattel Jurassic World Dominion toys including new waves of Roar Strikers, Ferocious Packs and more. There’s several all-new dinosaurs introduced to the toyline across these latest releases, including Rugops Primis, Siamosaurus and  Ichthyovenator. And don’t miss this new Legacy Collection set with it’s debut of Sarah Harding from The Lost World Jurassic Park, who’s joined by the scene-stealing Baby Stegosaurus. So many awesome to toys take in this 4K ultra-HD review, watch the full video above and sound off in the comments on your favorite!

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