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SDCC 2019: Watch Mattel’s Live Jurassic Panel

By July 21, 2019July 26th, 2019News

Witness all of San Diego Comic Con 2019’s biggest Mattel Jurassic World toy reveals, courtesy of our video compilation of the “How a Dinosaur Was Made” Mattel Designer Panel. Members from the Mattel Jurassic team first take us behind the scenes during the development of one of their most exciting figures to date, the Destroy ‘n Devour Indominus Rex. The real excitement begins next, with Camp Cretaceous toys, 2020’s new Primal Action series and the announcement of 17 new species joining the ranks of Mattel’s ever-growing dinosaur lineup. We’re also treated to some hints on what’s to come for the Amber Collection, a clever sneak peek you don’t want to miss!

All footage of the panel was graciously provided by Adam C. — check out his Instagram for more excellent Jurassic content and be sure you check out previous Jurassic SDCC coverage here!