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New Wave 2 Jurassic World Dominion Toys Unboxing & Review

By July 2, 2022Review

With Jurassic World Dominion’s next wave of toys from Mattel continuing their rollout online and in stores, I got my hands on the full line-up of new Roar Strikers and Massive Action dinosaur figures for this next unboxing and review. Prepare yourself for the complete Wave 2 showcase of Ampelosaurus, Megaraptor, Liopleurodon, Iguanadon and Sinoceratops — with DNA Scan codes, comparisons to other Mattel Jurassic toys and more all on display in 4K ultra-HD. Mattel’s dedication to adding new species to the Jurassic dinosaur roster is in full effect here, and not from the new movie as in Iguandon’s case. Megaraptor and Liopleurodon are both fantastic toys of dinosaurs that have yet to be included in any official Jurassic effort, but still fit right in with the franchise’s aesthetic. And the large-sized Ampelosaurus brings a rare sauropod to the toyline, with unique physical features like armor plating. Watch the full review in the video above and then let me know your favorite Wave 2 dino in the comments below.

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