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Epic Attack: Rare Jurassic World Toys Unboxed!

By June 28, 2024Review

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  • Jurassic Man says:

    Most Epic Attack Jurassic World toys are even larger than the mainline versions. Mattel was going with the 1:18 scale for their dinosaurs but they went too far with staying in the 1:18 scale. The human figures are in the 1:18 scale but a lot of dinosaurs are not in this scale. Some are in the perfect scale. Example of perfect scaled dinosaurs: Roar Strikers Skorpiovenator, Habitat Defender Triceratops, Strike Attack Kaprosuchus, Battle Roarin Becklespinax, Hammond Collection Therizinosaurus, scientifically accurate size for the Hammond Collection Carnotaurus, & Wild Roar Eocarcharia.


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