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Legacy Collection Brachiosaurus 4K Unboxing & Review

By June 20, 2019July 27th, 2019Review

Tear off you aviator sunglasses and feast your eyes on our latest (and largest) video review: the Legacy Collection Brachiosaurus. Mattel graciously sent Collect Jurassic this hotly anticipated figure and Tim wasted no time creating this in-depth review of the toy we’ve all been waiting for since 1993. Take an ultra-high-definition look at the gorgeous packaging art, then see how the figure itself is packed into the box before fitting together in just two easy steps.

Once the Brachiosaurus is assembled, the sheer size of the toy is almost overwhelming. In addition to several size comparisons with different Mattel Jurassic toys, Tim outlines articulation and paint detail on every inch of the figure. Considering it’s massive size, Mattel has also packed tons of sculpt detail—especially on the dinosaur’s head. It all comes together to create a picture-prefect Jurassic Park Brachiosaurus, truly the toy of our collective dreams.

We’re sure you’re more than ready to add Brachiosaurus to your own park. The figure should be available soon here in the US, sold exclusively at Target for $49.99. While international availability is still coming together, Brachiosaurus should be heading to the UK in the Autumn/Winter season via Argos stores (as reported by Jurassic Toys) for £49.99. While there’s understandably some trepidation on just how readily available Brachiosaurus will be to find once officially released, here at Collect Jurassic we are confident that the US rollout should go smoother than previous exclusive figures—not naming any names.

Until these gentle giants start showing up online/in-store, please enjoy our 4K unboxing and review in the video and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more detailed Jurassic reviews and news!

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  • Mannyfresh369 says:

    You forgot to show the articulation in the middle part of the neck

  • Erik says:

    I’ll be checking this review out ASAP. This is easily my most anticipated new Jurassic item of the year and one I’m eager to add to my collection. We’ve been so long overdue for a large Brachiosaurus ever since the Kenner days and Mattel finally transformed that dream into a reality. This toy looks to be both well worth the wait and the hard-earned cash.

    • Erik says:

      Watched the review earlier, excellent job. I’m sure the toy looks even better in person. Still in awe over the size and detail, and how spot-on accurate it is to the film. It just might be Mattel’s best piece yet in this excellent toyline.

    • Joeblowme says:

      Faith in Target? Please. They would stock 2 real feel Mos’s at a time. More than likely the same will go for this Giant Beauty. Since the New Allo and Nasuto hit walmart they’ve been sold out for 3 weeks almost now.

  • Gooper Blooper says:

    I’ll honestly be surprised if this toy makes it to physical stores. It’s so large (and therefore takes up tons of shelf space) and Target has become allergic to the Legacy line despite having ownership of it (I still don’t understand how this works – if only Target can sell Legacy items, but they explicitly don’t want them (Legacy Dilopho, Legacy JP3 Raptor, and the Legacy Story Packs all prove this), why does Mattel keep branding things as Legacy instead of just selling them under the main line?). But that’s fine, because all Target needs to do is make this figure widely available on their website in large quantities. Repeat, LARGE QUANTITIES. Not the old Spinosaurus technique of “toss a half dozen of them online at 5 AM that sell out in ten seconds to scalpers”.

    Mattel should just sell it directly through their website to cut out the middleman and avoid dealing with the problematic Target. They won’t, but they should.

    On a positive note, amazing figure. This is the one we’ve all been waiting for.

    • Collect Jurassic says:

      The Legacy Collection situation is probably more complicated than we’ll ever be privy too. BUT have faith in Target this time around, our money is on Brachiosaurus for everyone who wants one.