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Unboxing the Outpost Chaos Playset: Jurassic World Dominion’s BioSyn Base Toy

By June 12, 2022Review

Jurassic World Dominion playset perfection! Mattel’s new Outpost Chaos pack has arrived, bringing a much-needed play space to the already-impressive toy range inspired by the this summer’s blockbuster. In our unboxing, we’ll take a tour through every inch of fencing, observation area and battle damage feature in this absolutely massive playset. Measuring 4+ feet long and over 20 inches high, the Outpost Chaos pack’s various pieces can be set up into multiple configurations including a stand-alone dino enclosure and more! Also included are two figures — the Pyroraptor and a Mercenary grunt to munch on. During this review we’ll also pair the Outpost Chaos playset with the Strike ‘N Roar Giganotosaurus, making it a near perfect recreation of the Dominion movie’s locale within the BioSyn sanctuary. Watch the full video in 4K ultra-HD for our comprehensive look at this incredible Mattel Jurassic toy!

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  • Erik says:

    Very cool set. I’d still like to get the Schleich Dino Research Station and combine it with this, you’d have an absolutely incredible playset for the Mattel figures with these sets combined. Throw in the Schleich volcano set for good measure, too.

  • STARSAURS158 says:

    I got that fallen kingdom mercenary and I named him dude, I had no other name for him. And that weird thing in his pocket is a gun he can hold, so it looks like he’s reaching in and grabbing his gun. Great for toy photography.