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New Dominion Toys Reviewed: Grant & Dimetrodon + Kayla & Pyroraptor

By June 3, 2022Review

Jurassic heroes of the past and present must team up to survive in a world overran with prehistoric creatures in this next Jurassic World Dominion toy unboxing! Jurassic Park’s original leading man Dr. Alan Grant get’s his own updated action figure alongside Dominion newcomer Kayla Watts in Mattel’s new Human and Dinosaur 2-Pack wave. Each human figure includes their own dinosaur* to duel against as well, with new versions of Dimetrodon and Pyroraptor respectively. In our full 4K ultra-HD review in the video above, we’ll take a closer look at each toy alongside comparisons to other Mattel Jurassic toys. Let us know who your favorite Human/Dinosaur combo is the comments below.

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*Yes, Dimetrodon isn’t a dinosaur… but the alliteration was too tempting.