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New Unboxing: Extreme Damage Allosaurus, Pyroraptor & More!

By May 29, 2022Review

Mattel’s new Extreme Damage toys for Jurassic World Dominion call for an extreme unboxing, and we’re happy to oblige! Join us for an in-depth review of battle-scared figures for carnivore classics like Tyrannosaurus Rex and Allosaurus, as well as the highly-antricapted Pyroraptor and Quilmesaurus. This latest version of big Al is truly something special, too — its massive size dwarfs Mattel’s previous attempts at the species. And the 3.75-inch debut of Dominion newcomer Pyroraptor shouldn’t be missed, either. Watch the full video above for an ultra-HD 4K look at these latest and greatest Mattel Jurassic toys.

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