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Jurassic World “Uncaged” Wild Pop Up Collection Unboxing & Review

By May 1, 2023June 12th, 2023Review

Let’s unbox some new Jurassic World toys! Check out my latest review of Mattel’s Dino Trackers “Uncaged” Wild Pop Up figures, presented in ultra-HD 4K resolution. This video focuses on the latest waves of Pop Ups, in addition to featuring the complete collection:

– Spinosaurus
– Baryonyx Limbo
– Atrociraptor Red
– Dimorphodon
– Triceratops
– Parasaurolophus
– Indoraptor

– Tyrannosaurus Rex
– Carnotaurus
– Dilophosaurus
– Velociraptor Blue
– Giganotosaurus
– Therizinosaurus
– Atrociraptor Ghost
– Moros Intrepidus
– Pyroraptor
– Allosaurus
– Ceratosaurus
– Atrociraptor Tiger

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