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Mattel’s Malta Chase — Unboxing the New Owen Escape Pack

By April 13, 2022Review

Race through the streets of Malta with Owen, as he dodges ferocious dinosaurs aboard his motorcycle in this deluxe playset from Mattel! In our latest Jurassic World Dominion toy review we’re unboxing the Target-exclusive Owen Escape Pack, which includes not one but two unique Atrociraptor figures in addition to an all-new Carnotaurus. The Carno itself is quite a curiosity, with its broken horn and diminutive stature setting it apart from previous Mattel toys. Combined with Owen and his motorcycle, this figure pack brings a ton of playability and value to the Dominion toy range — and should be considered a must-have for collectors of any age! Watch the full review in ulta-HD 4K resolution in the video above and let us know in the comments your impressions of the Owen Escape Pack.

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