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Exclusive Unboxing: Hammond Collection Jurassic Park III 2-Pack

By March 24, 2023Review

Let’s unbox some new Jurassic toys! Check out my latest review of Mattel’s Amazon-Exclusive Hammond Collection Figure 2-Pack, presented in ultra-HD 4K resolution. The Isla Sorna Velociraptor Encounter Pack may come in an understated shipping carton, but inside it includes some great toys including the female Raptor, Dr. Alan Grant and accessories like Billy’s bag with eggs from Jurassic Park 3.

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  • Jurassictater says:

    I love Jurassic stuff I have a full collection all the way from 2015 it’s not small either but I especially love dino trackers it’s so good to see such details on a small figure like sinotyranus it shows how much Mattel really cares about this brand and this channel also keeps me updated on this stuff thanks collect Jurassic I couldn’t ask for a better channel

  • Lucas says:

    Can I have a link to buy this that’s not on eBay for a crazy price

  • Zachary Engle says:

    Do you know if there’s still a way to get this set without having to spend a lot for it? I’ve been scanning Ebay and other websites for it, but so far, the cheapest are between $150-200-plus.

    (Or just being able to get only the female raptor figure by itself, that’s the main thing I would want from this.)

    • KingGojira says:

      So far, I have only seen this set on two sites: Amazon and eBay. However, the one on Amazon doesn’t show the price and is listed as “Temporarily Out of Stock”, so who knows when, or if, it will be available on Amazon. Therefore, high prices or not, eBay is the only option for now.