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New Dominion Playset Revealed: Release ‘N Rampage Pack

By March 14, 2022News

A surprising new playset for Jurassic World Dominion has started showing up in stores — officially known as the Release ‘N Rampage Pack from Mattel. Included inside are 3.75-inch scale figures of Atrociraptor “Ghost” and the mysterious Soyona Santos, as well as a dino-cage and some intriguing accessories. Using images of the boxed set taken in the Target toy aisle, we dive deep into speculation on how the Release ‘N Rampage pack may directly connect to the film’s Malta setting. Watch the full video above and sound off on your impressions of this playset in the comments below!

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  • Erik says:

    I’m happy we’re finally getting more humans and playsets this time around, and with the humans not just a gazillion Owen re-packs. Variety with the human figures was sorely lacking before so it’s nice to see that rectified this time around.