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Pixel Style Jurassic World Toy Art by jurassic_pixels

By March 1, 2019Community

We’re slowly getting back to our regularly scheduled programming here on Collect Jurassic, and our first Creation Lab post after Toy Fair is truly something special! The talented jurassic_pixels recently began posting these wonderful pixelated renditions of Mattel’s Jurassic World toys to his Instagram, and we couldn’t help but take notice of their excellent 16-bit video game vibes and faithfulness to the toy designs. The artwork is literally pixel perfect, with each piece an exact match with its plastic counterpart. jurassic_pixels has covered a wide range of figures too, from the massive Thrash ‘N Throw T. rex to the diminutive Compsognathus.

Even more astounding, jurassic_pixels creates each of his mini master-piece in Microsoft Paint—yes, that Microsoft Paint. Each pixelated portraiture captures the retro-game style in way that makes us badly want a Mattel Jurassic World platform adventure game. Which character would you choose? Our gallery of jurassic_pixels work acts as a “Character Select” screen of sorts, but there’s even more prehistoric pixel goodness over on his Instagram—go give him a follow!


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