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SWAT Truck by spider1981

By November 18, 2018November 27th, 2018Community

When it comes to custom Jurassic toys, dinosaurs usually get most of the attention from the many talented custom artists in the community. However, Instagram user spider1981 shows that vehicles can make for just as impressive of a piece with this screen accurate SWAT Truck—a Caiman MTV. Using Mattel’s Gyrosphere Blast Vehicle as the base, he went above and beyond a simple paint job and modeled an interior, loading doors and many other details ripped straight from the truck featured in Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom. Quite an upgrade for a toy who’s main play feature was shooting a gyrosphere out the front!

Check out spider1981 on Instagram for more of his Jurassic custom projects.

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  • Christopher Duffy says:

    Whoa!! That’s an awesome custom piece of a vehicle. Where did the extra pieces come from to complete this custom design? I’m blown away.