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New for 2020: Fresh Jurassic World Toy Reveals From Mattel

By September 8, 2020News

Tom here again today with another toy reveal for you to feast your eyes on, and today we have an exciting new preview for some additional Camp Cretaceous toys from Mattel – alongside a couple of non-Camp Cretaceous releases for you to enjoy, too! These figures are a mixture of Massive Biters and Sound Strikes – so they are mid-range products, so do keep that in mind if you are planning on saving up to add these to your collection!

Up first we have two repainted Sound Strikes – this time themed around the upcoming animated show which arrives on Netflix later this month. The first figure here is a Sound Strike Pteranodon, which looks to be a repaint of the same figure we received earlier in 2020 as a part of the Primal Attack line. The colours here are more brown and orange in tone – with some lovely unique tan highlights on the beak and crest of the Pteranodon. Whilst I personally am not a fan of the Sound Strike sculpt for this animal, as I feel that it is far too large, I do think that the colour scheme on this one is nice – and fans of this aerial creature will probably appreciate the decisions Mattel made with this variant.

Accompanying the Pteranodon, we also get a Sound Strike Triceratops – who, again, is a repaint of a prior-existing sculpt which we have already received as a part of the Primal Attack line. This particular version of the Trike looks pretty unique – coming in with a dark brown colour scheme, with tan highlights and also metallic blue details on the back and crest of the dinosaur. Whilst I am feeling the Trike fatigue a little bit at this point, I do think that this is a cool addition for fans who love this Herbivore and have missed out on some of the other variants which we have received up until this point.

Following on from this, we move onto a BRAND NEW sculpt for this wave – a Sound Strike version of the Baryonyx. This figure appears to have the same rotation joints that we have seen in other Sound Strike figures, like the Irritator we recently received in the line. Interestingly, this is one of the three named Baryonyx which we believe are present within Camp Cretaceous – with this one named as ‘Grim’. I love the micro-figure version of this one with the red mark around the eye, and this figure looks pretty consistent to that, so I am excited to get this one. Although we have many different Baryonyx at this point, I feel as though the new sculpt makes this one more distinctive.

We are also getting a new-sculpt, at least in some areas, for a Massive Biters version of the Albertosaurus – a figure which is joining the line-up of figures in the Primal Attack line. This figure comes in a very pale green colour, almost describable as mint, and has some orange and tan highlights on its body, alongside a button in the tail for the ‘biting’ action. I am not a fan of the paintwork on this version of the Albertosaurus, but I am very glad to see a non-Battle Damage variant as this will make this dinosaur available to a lot more Jurassic fans.

Lastly, but by no means least, we have a Primal Attack repaint for one of my favourite figures to come out in 2020 – the absolutely gorgeous Sarcosuchus. This croc comes in some SUPER unique colours, with a pale greenish-blue combined with purple and orange highlights. This figure looks INCREDIBLY retro, and really feels like a call-back to some of the more stylised figures we saw back in the Kenner Days. I really love this one.

That’s it for this preview! What do you think of these figures? Let us know in the comments below – and a special thank you for all the comments on our recent McDonalds article. It is great seeing so many of you looking out for each other and sharing where you find things.

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  • the 157393th T. rex so far says:

    currently, I own every one of these guys except Grim (but he has been ordered off of Amazon for retail price as of May 2021) and every one of these are a must if you’re not into the larger and more expensive T. rexes or the tiny Attack Packs and Savage Strikes. the Albertosaurus and Sarchosuchus have fantastic detail when it comes the the heads and scales/osteoderms. they’re also very colorful, as are all of the Camp Cretaceous figures. The Albertosaurus is especially fun; the Primal attack function is seamless. The Triceratops has nice movement in the head and the sounds are fairly crisp. the Pteranodon is understandable, but at least on my copy the wings don’t flap too well. however it has good sound effects and its mouth can open to a decent degree. I cannot comment on Baryonyx Grim, but he seems promising. I am certain that in the next few days he will come across as a good figure. overall, get the Triceratops and Albertosaurus, if not the entire lot of them.

  • Anonymous says:

    baryonyx grim is in google

  • Anonymous says:

    the Albertosaurus is at target

  • Anonymous says:

    do you no the brand takara tomy

  • Shanna carroll says:

    We own every toy for Camp Creataceous, my 16 month Loves this show and everything to do with it! We need more toys, we need the group! They need to start making more toys! We want a Ben and bumpy

  • nicola says:

    Does anyone know if these will be available in the UK?

  • Smash Tokyo Toys says:

    I’ve never seen any version of the Sarcosuchus in Australia. Boo.

  • Anonymous says:

    El baryonix es una gran figura que ara ka diferencia

  • Erik says:

    Mattel’s really cranking these out. I shall pick up all of these.

  • Gooper Blooper says:

    Hmm. No new species in this bunch, which is too bad. I’m most tempted by the Alberto and Grim, since the retools mean they play differently from their previous versions. The Sarco is so bizarre I’m tempted to get that as well. The Pteranodon isn’t doing much for me though and I definitely do not need another Triceratops unless they make one that brings something truly new to the table. I would have gotten the yellow Battle Damage one, but Walmart USA clearly doesn’t want to carry it, so…

    Not the most exciting of lineups, but I imagine the holiday season will also feature a few more toys besides these in the other price brackets, like that repainted Gallimimus that was shown on the CJ Twitter. I do wonder if the line will get another big figure to serve as the holiday season “flagship”, or if they’ll just rely on the most recent big toys to carry them through the rest of the year (Epic Roarin Rex, Colossal Indominus, Toro, the Brachi and Destroy N Devour reissues, etc). If they reissued the BD Spinosaurus again that would be nice, not every Walmart bothered to put it out last year.

    I’m expecting a large electronic Bumpy to show up at some point, in the same vein as Primal Pal Blue and Feeding Frenzy Indominus. I bet that happens next year.

  • Gerald Bavero says:

    I SO BAD whant the baronx because i have the reovore baryonx from fallen kingdom and i have limbo from the camp creataceous adventer set so i whant grim and its me jerry from the primal attack live stream trick rapter and gorosaurus

  • Rob says:

    Sarcosuchus paint reminds me of the Ellie S2 Ankylosaurus hatching.