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Jurassic Park 3 Cut Ending Brought to Life In Stop Motion Film

By August 21, 2019Community

We all know that there is a fair bit of animosity around Mattel’s Spinosaurus now – with this toy sadly being the one that got away for many collectors due to the patchy distribution which the Target exclusive saw, at least Stateside. But, if we could only step aside, and trust in nature, then I think we’ll find that life will find a way – as this awesome fan-made animation brings the toy to life for all to enjoy.

Dynamic Motion Studios have made some fantastic stop motions in the past, but this is easily one of our favourites, following a fun alternative Jurassic Park III plot which see’s Alan Grant’s Velociraptor resonating chamber play a much more pivotal role in one of the film’s climatic sequences. It’s fun getting to re-visit a reimagined moment from what is arguably one of the best sequences in Jurassic history – whether you enjoyed JPIII or not. It’s exciting getting to see how DM brings the classic Hasbro figures together with some of the awesome Mattel Spinosaurus figure here – combining the best of both the old and new Jurassic lines in and epic clash which has some serious nostalgia beats for long-term fans.

I really like how smooth and flush the animation is here – feeling incredibly crisp given the arguably less-than-ideal articulation which our older Hasbro characters have. DM works around these restrictions in an incredibly creative manner, finding smart ways to make these characters feel dynamic and alive. I also adore the ambience here – with everything feeling well indulged in the stormy, manic ambience which this sequence has within the actual film. Overall, this is a great animation – and one which we are sure fans of the Jurassic World franchise are likely to enjoy! And, DM also has an assortment of other great animations including ones featuring the Indominus Rex – so make sure to check them out, and show this great channel some love!

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