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New Dino Escape Toy Reveals: Brooklyn, Sammy, Kentrosaurus & More

By August 11, 2021News

This year’s Jurassic World assortments have already got off to a pretty strong start – with an assortment of brand new animals and sculpts introduced throughout the year. It looks like we are going to end 2021 and move into 2022 with a bang as we have a look at the next new additions to the collection from Mattel. Let’s take a closer look at some of the repaints and new sculpts which we believe are set to round out the Dino Escape and Camp Cretaceous assortments for 2021 into 2022! Note: Images have been enhanced to show detail, some distortion may be visible but does not reflect the final design.

Up first we have some new Wild Packs – kicking this off with a gorgeous repaint of the Rhamphorhynchus. This figure has some gorgeous orange, black and grey colours – creating an almost hazard-esque colour tone which I really adore. Alongside this repaint we also have a repaint of the rarer Mononykus sculpt – which has only seen one other release to date. This repaint uses an interesting red, white and brown colour scheme which we are excited to see a better look at.

We also get a repainted version of the Velociraptor which possibly appears to be Delta given the colour scheme present here. It’s interesting to see that Mattel may be continuing to explore different versions of the Raptor Squad given we recently received a four-pack as a part of The Legacy Collection. Lastly, we have the Shringasaurus – a brand new and unique animal added to this wave. I love how unique this animal looks, with the horns and the face looking really distinctive. I am very excited to be able to add this new animal to my collection in the near future.

On the Fierce Force front we also have an assortment of repaints – including a gorgeous new version of the Styracosaurus. This figure looks great in its slightly darker and more earthy tones – with plenty of detail packed in with yellows and oranges on the crest. This animal continues to be a hit with fans so we’ll bet it’ll be a popular release. The Styracosaurus is complimented by a gorgeous Masiakasaurus – in a very unique colour scheme when compared to the prior release. This is a great figure and I think the crimson colours here call back to the Battle Damaged Proceratosaurus nicely.

We also have a new addition to the Camp Cretaceous assortment here – with a brand-new version of the Monolophosaurus released in this wave. Whilst we’ve seen this sculpt pretty frequently at this point, the repaint still looks great – with the dark and light greens complimenting each other well. This is a nice version of the Monolophosaurus. Lastly, but my no means least, we have the Tanystropheus – a brand new addition to the assortment. The long neck and jagged jaws of this animal make for a really unique addition to our collections – and we really like the more aquatic colour scheme on show here.

We have a couple of additional repaints releasing on the Roar Attack front – with a reuse of the Ceratosaurus mould from Camp Cretaceous in a much darker green and black colour scheme. This is a really interesting version of the Ceratosaurus – departing from what we have seen beforehand in interesting ways. Alongside this repaint we also have a repaint of the Allosaurus – this one appearing to have the Battle At Big Rock colours. We believe this is the same sculpt as the Green and White Allosaurus releasing soon – meaning Mattel decided to make up for past sculpt problems with the original BABR Allosaurus by repainting the new sculpt in the same style.

We do also get the inclusion of a brand-new sculpt in the form of the Kentrosaurus – a gorgeous animal which we are glad to add to our collections. The combine spikes and plates on this animal look fantastic, and we like the flesh colours showing through the browns and light purples here. Whilst this isn’t the best colour scheme we’ve seen, we’re still very excited to add a new herbivore to our collections – and we’re grateful that Mattel continue to invest in interesting new sculpts for us all to enjoy.

We are delighted to share that the Jurassic Camper packs are returning – giving us the rest of the Camp Cretaceous crew for our collections. At the front we have a repackage of Darius with a repaint of the Baby Brachiosaurus – this time coming in a dark green colour scheme. Darius appears to be an exact repackage from his prior releases, and he includes the Velociraptor Resonating Chamber – although this figure does include a new accessory in the form of some Night Vision Goggles, too. These appear to be a different sculpt than the ones included in the Legacy Collection Ford Explorer, which is a really welcome addition.

We also get both of the remaining campers added to our collections which is incredibly excited. The first, Sammy, comes in her iconic flower shirt and can be seen facing off against a Velociraptor. We don’t think this confirms Sammy will fight a Raptor in Season 4 – but, rather, it appears this pack takes inspiration from other elements in the Camp Cretaceous sandbox. We also get two Compsognathus included here too – with both appearing to be recolours which is fantastic. Brooklynn, on the other hand, is squaring off against a Monolophosaurus in a scene which feels pulled straight from Season 2 of the show. Brooklynn looks fantastic here, and it appears she also includes the scooter included in the pack with Kenji – providing a great pack-in for people who missed that pack. All of the Camper Packs look fantastic and we are incredibly grateful to Mattel for giving us a chance to own the main characters from the show.

Overall, we are really excited for the upcoming offerings from Mattel. We have some fantastic repaints, some great new sculpts, and crucially, we get the rest of the Campers who we have eagerly been awaiting. We can’t wait to get our hands on these toys in the near future – and are looking forward to seeing their final depictions soon.

That’s all for now – but what do you think? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below, and stay tuned to Collect Jurassic for all of your Jurassic collecting news.

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  • Baryonyx_Boy says:

    wow brooklyn looks a little funky in the pic with a flat face but its blurrys so… and im really excited or kentrosaurus shringasaurus and and tantystrophues new speices great or me as a collecter i dont collect every single mattel toy or strive two i make my packs build my herd and lone dino that were not social in real li i only buy one so any new speices is great i can mak e my isla nublar model feel more alive.

  • name says:

    my comment is

  • Z529 Winters says:

    You forgot the second charodontosaurus and the metocanthosaurus I know because early in the morning Jurassic world facts had all of the new dinosaurs but they took most of them off their game, I know that but I’m only eight.

  • Baryonyx_Boy says:


  • STARSAURS158 says:

    “Note: Images have been enhanced to show detail, some distortion may be visible but does not reflect the final design.” IT ALL MAKES SENSE!!

  • STARSAURS158 says:

    I’m pretty stocked for the Tanystropheus. If I do say so myself.

  • Anonymous says:

    I thought the kentrosarus was going to be another mega destroyer figure.

  • I thought the kentrosarus was going to be a another mega destroyer.

  • I really want those new dino escape action figures, I want that kentrosarus and the allosarus really badly.

  • STARSAURS158 says:

    They make the Shringasaurus look so scary in that pic, but if you search it up, it doesn’t look that scary at all

  • Erik says:

    These are all cool toys and I look forward to buying them, but I really wish Mattel would slow down considerably with the new releases with how brutal so many of these coming out is on my finances. Even saving up I can only afford so much, sometimes.

    Would be great if the rarer toys like the Postosuchus and Scutosaurus got re-issued as well, I never found them and the prices they go for online are insane. Hope Mattel plans to re-issue those.

  • Haitwun says:

    Given Mattel’s history of repacking their previous releases, I’ll wait for them to release all the campers in 1 set. Hopefully the sculpt for Brooklyn looks better in person than in these pictures. Shringasaurus looks like the demon dog creature from Ghostbusters.

  • STARSAURS158 says:

    And Sammy is NOT much better!!!

  • STARSAURS158 says:

    Brooklyn looks soooo weird!! She has SUUCH a flat face and no nose whatsoever. This is a REALLY awkward photo of her!!

  • CrazedCoati says:

    Yay more Camp Cretaceous merch I’ll never be able to find except for at a ridiculous price on eBay.

    • Sheri Jaikaran says:

      I know right! My name is Sheri, I’m using my husband’s phone. Does anyone know when Zam.y and Brooklyn are being released and zold? I would like to be done with my Christmas shopping. Lol. And yah Ebay is ridiculous

  • Anonymous says:

    these new reveals look AMAZING!!!!!!!!! i can finally get all of my campers!

  • Gooper Blooper says:

    I’m here for the new sculpts! Shringasaurus and Tanystropheus are the kind of bizarre non-dinosaur critters I love to see. Anything from the Triassic or Paleozoic is a very welcome and wonderful addition. Kentrosaurus is also new and I’ll happily snatch it up whenever it becomes available. Still waiting on the stuff that was revealed months ago to finally arrive, though. I ordered the original Masiakasaurus from Amazon in April, they promised it would release in June, it STILL has not shipped, and now here’s a repaint they’re trying to sell? Where’s the FIRST one?!

    I’m losing interest in the repaints, though I kinda like Cerato and the Sammy set. Would rather see retools of older figures that haven’t been revisited, such as Amargasaurus and Dimetrodon. They also still haven’t released Gasosaurus for US customers. I’d buy their stuff if they made it available!

    Darius is really getting that Owen push. How many times have they released him? Four?