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SDCC-Exclusive Hammond Collection Outpost Chaos Set Revealed

By July 11, 2022News

Mattel Creations just unveiled their “12 Days of Fandom” Jurassic toy exclusive for San Diego Comic Con: the Jurassic World Hammond Collection Outhouse Chaos Set! This limited edition release includes a much-requested action-figure of Donald Gennaro, his ivory thrown, and a Hammond Collection T-Rex redeco’d with rain effects. As with Mattel’s previous convention exclusives, the outhouse itself doubles as a figure base that features lights and sounds. Watch our in-depth preview of the Outhouse Chaos Set in the video above to see why I think that his may be one of Mattel’s best Jurassic toys yet!

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  • Crazed Coati says:

    $80 before shipping shipping and handling? Yeah I’m glad it sold out while I was typing in my info, I get it’s an exclusive but it’s not worth THAT much coin. Hopefully we’ll get a Gennaro rerelease down the line. Until then it’s back to unsuccessfully hunting for the Hammond Collection Rexy.

  • Jacob says:

    So, wait, this will be up on their website in 10 days? Cause I just looked and it wasn’t there. Also, when it says 12 days of fandom, is that a thing that collect Jurassic does or will this set be up for sale for 12 days? Im very confused

  • Erik says:

    Meh, I’ll get this for completion’s sake but I seriously feel like the only person who always felt this was an incredibly stupid and juvenile moment in the first movie, even as a kid. I shake my head when I see people saying they like this scene.

    • Jacob says:

      I mean, it’s the only time a T. rex actually eats a person in the whole movie, so there is more to like than just “hahaha, funny man gotten eaten off of funny toilet, hahahaha.”

      • Erik says:

        Which is another reason I always found it silly. T. rex would’ve no doubt been a dangerous and fearsome carnivore when it existed, so when it finally kills someone onscreen in the film it’s during a moment like that? Even as a kid it struck me as stupid and it ruined the otherwise brilliant Rex escape/assault sequence in the film. It always stuck out like such a big sore thumb to me and still does.

        That one dumb moment aside, the rest of the film is amazing and it doesn’t keep JP from being my favorite film. It’s the reason we’re even talking nearly 30 years later on this very site.

        • NassaDane says:

          Unfortunately, I think that is on you. This was a grim dark moment in the movie and the fact you turned it in to something silly is down to your kid brain thinking potty thoughts. Even as a kid I knew this was a sad part because the Lawyer was trying to escape and find shelter from a deadly situation. You know that feeling when you are scared and you hide, hoping that will be enough? Then to be found out in the worse possible way? This is a nightmare. He should have been safe, he was a decent amount away and hidden yet still got found. Just because you associate the toilet with crude humor or whatever doesn’t mean this was meant to be funny. Just don’t have toilets on the mind next time.

          • Erik says:

            It doesn’t make the scene any less stupid and juvenile. It’s a scene with a guy sitting on a toilet seat even if he’s not using it, how will I not associate it with that? A dark, grim moment? Hardly. It was an incredibly stupid and ridiculous moment during an otherwise excellent sequence. It doesn’t even make any sense why there’d be a restroom across from the enclosure of such a massive and dangerous carnivore like a Tyrannosaurus, which makes it all the more nonsensical.

        • Crazed Coati says:

          Nonsensical? Ok let’s look at this logically shall we?
          Guy sees a massive prehistoric predator escape its enclosure in front of him, he panics. He bolts to the nearest place of refuge, which happens to be the restroom. Now here’s where things are actually the most logical, most zoos and theme parks have restrooms closest to their most popular attractions- hence why there is a restroom at the tyrannosaurus enclosure because it would obviously be the most popular on the island. The creature then smashes through the safe space, puzzles at wether to eat the thing in front of her, then delivers the death blow. Literally none of this makes no sense nor is juvenile.
          Obviously this is the hill you’ve chosen to die on, yet it is your choice to see it as juvenile simply because there’s a toilet involved.

          • Erik says:

            But a restroom across from the enclosure of a dangerous, powerful animal like a Tyrannosaurus and on a tour that’s automated where nobody is supposed to get out of the vehicles, unless the restroom is meant more for the park and maintenence workers in which case it makes more sense. Still doesn’t make the scene any less dumb and to see people defending it is honestly mind-blowing to me.

  • STARSAURS158 says:

    I’m DEFINITELY getting this!!