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Film Quality Toy Photos by Jurassic Recreated

By July 1, 2019Community

Today we’re diving back into the Creation Lab here on Collect Jurassic, as we wanted to highlight one of our favourite up-and-coming Jurassic Park Instagram accounts to have recently started to gain traction.

Jurassic_recreated has burst onto the Jurassic Toy Photography scene by recreating some of our favourite scenes from a plethora of different Jurassic films. Not only does their photography feel crisp and alive – with a good use of Depth of Field throughout, but their work really feels authentic to the scenes we see on screen. A great amount of attention to detail is used here, and the work really pays off.

Take, for example, the two photographs above. Up first, we have one of their more recent shots – a Dilophosaurus amidst the rocky landscape of Isla Nublar. I love how we get a genuine attention to detail with rainy, wet conditions here – really grounding us in that sequence from the 1993 original film. I also love the little detail with the East Dock sign here – helping to ground us within the original Jurassic Park. On the flip side, we have the warm and arid feeling Isla Sorna, captured perfectly in this photograph which reflects the round-up sequence from The Lost World. Here, the Parasaurolophus feels posed dynamically, rearing up on its hind legs as it struggles against the mercenaries who are attempting to capture it. I absolutely love the added dust effect here, as it helps to make the scene feel a lot more dynamic and really breathes some life into the sequence.

Not only have they managed to recreate some great sequences from old-school Jurassic films, but they have recreated some awesome scenes from newer films too. This great sequence with Mattel’s brand new Indominus Rex perfectly reflects the sequence from Jurassic World, and the use of depth of field nicely reflects the importance of Owen in this moment. There is so much to love about this photo series.

If you enjoy Toy Photography, and enjoy what Mattel have done with the toy line thus far, then click the link below and follow jurassic_recreated. They have been taking some truly incredibly photos, and I cannot wait to see what they do next!

Check out Jurassic_recreated on Instagram


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