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Open The Gates! Mattel’s First Jurassic Crowdfund Toys Are Finally Here

By June 27, 2023June 28th, 2023News

Welcome to the first Mattel Creations Jurassic toy crowdfund! The just-launched campaign on Mattel’s direct-to-collector platform details every aspect of this incredibly detailed collector set, from the 20-inch tall gate and deluxe detailed Ford Explorer to the excellent “stretch goals”. At 5,000 US backers the base items go into production, at 6K we get Tim + fences, at 8K we get The Lost World Buck T-rex, and at 10K we get Lex + goat with removable leg. Yes, they thought of everything. For $250 total, if every stretch goal is met this will be a killer set of toys.

Jurassic collectors, now is the time to make your voice heard and pave the way for more awesome crowdfunded projects! And international fans, once this hits 5k backers you’ll get your chance, too. Head to and show your support!

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  • Jurassic fan says:

    I have a strong feeling/ fear that these toys will end up not being made, and all of this due to bad marketing by Mattel IMHO. I’m not ready to take part in this just now since there’s a high ‘risk’ that in the end it is only the gate and explorer getting into production for $250/ 340€. The Hammond Collection is great and I’m glad we’re finally getting more highly detailled dinosaur toys but many of us will just have to let this go. I know how crowdfunding works and if everyone thinks like I do these toys won’t go into production but from my point of view this is an easy pass for me for the time being.

  • Alex Brooks says:

    Absolutely ludicrous price for Canadians. $435(was $450 originally) plus shipping, with no guarantee that it wouldn’t be just the first tier package. I was able able to get the Outhouse Chaos set last year, and the price difference was just the exchange rate differential. Mattel has numerous options to fulfill deliveries without slapping 30% duties on their orders to North American customers.

    At the current price point, if you were to hypothetically to subtract an approximate amount for ALL the “bonus tiers”, you’d be left with a gate that is costing ~ $300CND.

    I’ve had no experience with these crowdfunding campaigns, but the whole business model seems unethical and amounts to gouging their most enthusiastic fans. Even with a premature opening for international customers, the backers are creeping along at around 100/day. Unless the price changes, this will be a hard pass, and the original Kenner compound set I was able to assemble from yard sales will have to suffice for the gate aesthetic.

    Very disappointed with Mattel on this one.


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