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New Savage Strike Wave Arrives in Stores Across US

By May 16, 2019August 14th, 2019News

They just keep coming! In the past month, collectors have kept busy hunting new Dino Rivals Attack Packs and Roarivores as they popped up in US Walmart stores across the US. Now its the Savage Strike assortment’s turn to join the hunt! This latest wave contains for new figures to collect, including the absolutely wild looking Dilophosaurus. Yes, the one that spits water!

Sightings of these latest toys started on the West Coast per usual, but as of this posting the toys have made it as far east as Illinois.As for the case breakdown for the new wave, each shipping box contains 1x Velociraptor, 1x Dilophosaurus, 2x Velociraptor Blue, 1x Pachycephalosaurus and 1x repacked Stygimoloch. Get a better look at these excellent looking toys in the photo gallery below with these images provided by Collect Jurassic World’s podcast co-host, Victoria (YouTube, Instagram and Twitter).

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  • Don’t grab all the Velociraptor Save one for me!!

  • Erik says:

    Scored all of these recently minus the Dilophosaurus which I’m on the lookout for and badly want. Mattel scores again with this license for sure. Love the three I scored and can’t wait to get the Dilophosaurus. So happy to hear they brought back the classic water-spitting feature from the Kenner days.