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Viral Jurassic News Segment “Update Tonight” Is What Fan Have Been Waiting For

By May 5, 2022Community

With Dominion’s release in about a month, a mysterious Twitter account, @UpdateTonight, seems to be leading the charge into the type of marketing we as fans have been wanting for so long. Update Tonight, the fictional in-universe news station, is giving us a taste on what the world of Jurassic has become for the average American — a world where dinosaurs are causing chaos, but not in a monster movie way. In face, quite the opposite. As shown in the YouTube video of the viral “news segment” above, instead of seeing dinosaurs attacking people we are treated to more realistic scenarios that mirror our real world. From commuter inconveniences, to cute animal videos, to the financial ruin of a dairy farmer, this piece of material paints a more grounded world where dinosaurs rule.

What’s most impressive is that the creators of this are the fans – as noted on the Twitter bio, they are not affiliated with Universal or Amblin. Still, they’ve managed to pull off exactly what we expected Universal would do in the lead-up to Dominion. Perhaps, even before they start their own viral marketing campaign.

As the road to next month’s Jurassic World film continues, we’ll all have to keep an eye on @UpdateTonight to see what else they have cooking up in their labs. What do you think of this fan-made content? Do you wish it were official, and are you looking forward to seeing more? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • Gooper Blooper says:

    I was really surprised this was a fan work. It’s one thing to just plop a CGI dino into some footage, but the Triceratops scene depicts actual interaction with another object. Even if that’s just the car also being CGI, it still looks really good. The models are also a perfect match for official renders at a glance.

    It’s especially crazy to compare this with those official “motion comics” from a couple years ago. This certainly looks more legit than that did. I didn’t dislike the motion comics, but they were clearly made on the cheap.

    Also, while I prefer my fictional escape fantasies to not touch too much on major real-world issues, repeatedly referring to the dinosaur invasion as a “new normal” and showing how “eh, whatever” most people are about this situation got a smile out of me.