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Custom RC InGen Textron Tiger by Nathy Vader

By May 3, 2019May 4th, 2019Community

After a brief hiatus, we’re kicking it into high-gear with our latest Creation Lab feature highlighting another incredible project from the Jurassic community. Nathy Vader is a UK based collector who loves sharing his every-growing vintage Jurassic Park and more recent Jurassic World acquisitions on his Twitter and Instagram, as well as some of his own creations like this modified RC Textron Tiger. The base toy, a remote control car released by Mattel for Jurassic World, doesn’t exactly resemble the vehicle portrayed in Jurassic World or Fallen Kingdom. Once Nathy Vader got a hold of it, its dramatic transformation into a movie-accurate Textron Tiger

Matchbox Jurassic World Textron Tiger RC Vehicle available via Amazon.

Not content with just a fresh coat of paint, Nathy Vader’s additional improvements are what make this a next-level custom. The faux-sticker windows on the back fo the vehicle were cut out to make way for clear plastic windows for added realism. Next came working electronic headlights and tail-lights, all operated via a switch in the Textron Tiger’s cab. A signifiant amount of paint detail was added as well, with plenty of weather and signature din-damage to give it that live-in Jurassic look. Get a better look at Nathy Vader’s Custom RC InGen Textron Tiger in the gallery below, and be sure to give him a follow on Twitter and Instagram for more¬† great Jurassic content!