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More Camp Cretaceous Human Figures Revealed — Ben, Yaz, Kenji & More

By April 15, 2021News

The Camp Cretaceous crew is hitting Mattel’s Jurassic World toyline in full force later this year! In this collecting News Update, we’ll preview some recent reveals for the upcoming Human & Dino Pack assortment. All-new figures include Kenji & Monolophosaurus, Darius & Gallimums, Yazmina & Velociraptor Blue and Ben & Bumpy! There’s also some fun accessories in a few of the sets that we’ll speculate on, watch the full video above for more details.

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  • Jessica Farrugia says:

    Are these being released in Australia at all?

  • Anonymous says:

    3 stars, the figures don’t, well their faces don’t look like the show they need to look like the animation so it’ll then be 5 stars

    • CityRaptor says:

      Check out some later pictures. The faces look a lot more like the animation there.

  • Andy says:

    How can i pre order ? Scropio rex

  • Dominant says:

    Anyone know/have a reasonable estimate of when these bad boys will release?

  • the 157393th T. rex so far says:

    Well, it looks like Mattel is returning to their old ways. 4 figures: Darius, Kenji, Yazmina, and Ben are going to hit the shelves, not to mention the action attack-sized dinosaurs that accompany. I have seen the season 3 trailers and it looks like there is a scene with a monolophosaurus chasing the gang. while it might as well be E750, the crest looks too big, and I don’t know if E750 is velociraptor-sized or I. rex-sized. I think that something is going on with Bumpy’s tail and paint job. the blue shouldn’t come down below his eyes, and his tail looks wonky, but as far as I know Bumpy might be going through his teenage phase or something. I think that based on the art for season 3, it looks like Blue is going to chase the gang some. the accessories are great, but undoubtedly someone is going to lose Darius’s resonating chamber. the little bumpy in the egg is going to be loved by all bumpy-lovers, and the scooter and ben’s weapons are welcome accessories. some more compies never hurt, and I cannot wait to see how many there will be in the next few years. We are missing Sammy and Brooklyn, Dave and Roxie, Eddie, Mitch, Tiff, Hap, and Dr. Wu as far as Camp Cretaceous characters go. I hope that this is Mattel’s first step towards covering more characters than just Owen. while Darius isn’t a new figure (he was in the camp adventure set, the one with the Stego and the Baryonyx that looks suspiciously like Limbo), all of the other figures are new characters, and all I can hope is that once these human packs have all been made, a set will be created with all the campers, Roxie and Dave, and the camp itself.

  • Liam Kelley says:

    Thank you for this news!can you make another blog or something to help get the release date of the toys?


  • Josh says:

    All children when they play want to play with a character that they most identify with. A girl wants to play with a girl. A boy wants to play with a boy. It is part of imaginative plat. It will be a real shame if they do not make the last two characters just from a collecting stand point.

  • Rubiefooz says:

    Can someone please let us know why there’s no Sammy or Brooklynn figures?? Asking as a mother to a six year daughter who loves Camp Cretaceous and is going to want to know why her brother can get all three boy figures and she’ll be stuck with just one. Yaz feels like a strange choice if Mattel is opting to make only one female figure, when Brooklynn has driven story arcs much more. Seriously, what is this???

    • CityRaptor says:

      Well, Mattel, has only just gotten back into making human action figures for their JW line. Originally they sold poorly and retailers did not want more of them. So Mattel had to figure out a solution and is still testing waters. There is also the wole “female action figures don’t sell” thing, which is not limited to Mattel, I might add. ( I might also add, that Mattel’s JW line had 4 female human action figures prior and of course most of the dinosaurs are female, including big sellers Rexy and Blue ). It’s probably safe to assume that Mattel is testing the waters with Yaz, who is arguably the most action oriented of the girls.

      I also don’t see why your girl can’t play with figures of the boys and vice versa.