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Mattel’s Dino Escape Raptor Squad Revealed! Our First Impressions

By April 8, 2021News


Our first looks at the new Dino Escape subline have only just begun, with Tim taking a look at the Stomp N’ Escape T-Rex recently, and now we have a look at another exciting product which will be released under the co-branded Dino Escape and Camp Cretaceous line – the upcoming retail exclusive ‘Raptor Squad’ pack!

The images in this article come courtesy of Jurassic Bap, who has already published a great review which you can check out at the end of this article.

The Raptor Squad pack includes all four members of the iconic Raptor Squad who we first saw in Jurassic World – with Blue, Charlie, Delta and Echo all portrayed with the designs which they featured in the first series of Netflix’s animated Camp Cretaceous. The four characters included all reuse Attack Pack moulds for the most part – although they are complimented by some additional paint applications which more traditional Attack Pack figures would not usually see.

The figures are a little bit of a mixed bag when it comes to accuracy. Blue and Charlie feel relatively spot on – with some great design work and decos applied to both of them, including a more refined stripe on Blue which is highlighted in Bap’s review. Delta and Echo still feature the same level of in-depth detailing – with some wonderful patterns applied to them – but their colours feel slightly more unauthentic when compared to the source material we are used to. Whilst they still have a lot of detail packed in and some really gorgeous paint applications, these are unlikely to be the ‘definitive’ Raptor Squad members that many fans were hoping for.

With that said, we are incredibly excited to get our hands on this set when it releases – and cannot wait to see what else may be in store for us. We would guess that this set will be a Target exclusive in the US, but are unsure about wider availability for it just yet – although we would hope that international outlets like Smyths may pick this one up, too. Let us know your thoughts on the set in the comments down below, and make sure to also check out Bap’s video review, linked below too.

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  • the 157393th T. rex so far says:

    The long-overdue set is here! Finally, Mattel makes a 4-pack of Blue, Delta, Echo, and Charlie. whilst they may be Camp Cretaceous colors and not what we saw from the movie, I can see many children buying this. while many completionist collectors undoubtedly have every member of the raptor squad at least twice over, this will be great for those who are just starting out, and I myself will be picking this up when it comes out. one thing I would like is all of these members, except with the colors more toned down and grayed. While Blue is already screen-accurate, Charlie, Delta, and Echo tend to have vivid colors. if Echo could be toned down to a rusty orangey-brown, Charlie a grayish-green, and Delta a grayish aquamarine, and Barry, Leon (the new guy), and Vic thrown into the mix, then it would be the defining raptor squad pack. however, I’m grasping at straws. what kids want are colorful Camp Cretaceous-style dinos, and this does its job very well.

  • Erik says:

    Getting tired of the Raptor repaints, but what the heck, more figures of a particular species always work well for different members of the same group. Different Raptors always make for a nice pack of them. I shall buy this.

  • Anonymous says:

    I like this set. It looks like an improvement of the raptor 4 pack from hasbro. However, Echo and Delta’s paint desing looks a little off, but I still like them. Can’t wait too snag them from stores when they release.

  • John says:

    Echo and Delta look innacurate but might be enough to get me to get the set as I love the application on Echo in particular.

  • Gooper Blooper says:

    Ehhhh… I don’t think so. Would have been a great idea three years ago, but by now everyone’s already got the Raptor Squad, possibly multiple times over. At the end of the day it’s just repaints of figure molds that have been getting reissued repeatedly since 2018, and the colors not being 100% accurate was silly three years ago and is completely insane now. I’ve never really liked the crouching raptor mold either since you can’t really do anything with it (though admittedly it looks nice in the one pose it can be placed in). I’ll pass and wait for something that brings fresher material to the table.

  • Aiden barth says:

    When will they be released? Or up for pre order