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Dino-Defenders Extreme Trailer by Jack Ewins Debuts

By March 16, 2019Community

It’s Tom back here today and I am very excited to highlight a project in this latest Creation Lab article which a good friend of mine is working on. Jack Ewins (Known for his work on Masrani Global, the DPG, etc.) is working on a BRAND NEW animated Dinosaur cartoon for everyone who is a dinosaur fan. I am already super excited for the show – with fan favourites like the Dimetrodon already teased in the very first trailer.

Now I know we have a lot of 90’s collectors and big fans of the Kenner line here on Collect Jurassic – so I have a fun fact to share! Dino-Defenders Extreme is partly inspired by the cancelled Jurassic Park animated series which would have been a tie-in to the Kenner toys releasing all the way back in 1993. It’s really exciting to have something that feels both old and nostalgic – especially with so much of a focus on the Jurassic World franchise now. Sometimes, taking a glimpse back is nice – so I am excited to see this project draw on those more retro themes.

I worked on an interview with Jack over on The Jurassic Park Podcast, where we spoke about the show. You can check our interview out here.

But, without any further ado – if you are a fan of classic Jurassic nostalgia then please check the trailer above out and show Jack some love. We are sure that Dino-Defenders Extreme will be a massive hit with dinosaur lovers both old and young – and we can’t wait to see more this June!

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  • Abraham Martínez says:

    Habrá una versión en español?

  • Erik says:

    That looks awesome. Such a shame we never got the JP animated series back in the day, especially with how big animated series spun off from movies tended to be. The Real Ghostbusters was an excellent example and JP deserved something that was similarly good. I’m sure if we’d gotten the animated series the Kenner line would’ve likely gone on longer too prior to TLW’s toyline. It seems we’re getting something similar at least with the Lego JW: Legend Of Isla Nublar series coming out. I’d love to see a JW animated series set before the events of the JW movie, one that’s more serious in tone than the Lego stuff and meant to be canonical with the movies. Lots of potential for that.