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Listen to Collect Jurassic on Cantina Chatter Podcast

By February 25, 2019May 1st, 2019Site Announcement

We have some exciting news to share! This is Tim, site runner and feature editor here on Collect Jurassic, and I’m thrilled to be featured on this week’s Cantina Chatter Podcast (YouTube & iTunes). I had a total blast hanging out with Victoria of Victoria’s Cantina (Twitter, Instagram & YouTube) where we talked Toy Fair, Brachiosaurus and general Jurassic toy awesomeness. If you’re a lover of toys and podcasts , definitely check out Victoria’s show as well as her YouTube channel where there’s even more excellent content.

On this episode Victoria talks through each of the New York Toy Fair reveals that Collect Jurassic was fortunate enough to attend, so if you’re looking for a deep dive of what we saw from Mattel, LEGO and other Jurassic partners—this week’s Cantina Chatter Podcast has you covered. I want to thank Victoria again for having me on, always fun talking to others who are passionate about Jurassic toys and collectibles!

Listen at one of the links below:

Cantina Chatter Podcast (YouTube)

Cantina Chatter Podcast (iTunes)