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Our Team

Collect Jurassic’s growing contributor team is dedicated to bringing you not only the latest Jurassic Park and Jurassic World collecting news, but exciting original content like podcasts, videos and editorials as well. Meet the staff below and be sure to reach out with your ideas for what you’d like to see on Collect Jurassic next!

Tim / Site Runner / News Editor
After several years of running his personal toy collecting Instagram page, Tim created Collect Jurassic in December 2018 as a way to cover the increasing amount of release news and updates for a growing Jurassic collector community. A creative designer by day, Tim develops the visual identity of Collect Jurassic behind the scenes on the website, as well as maintains its various social media platforms.

Tom / Feature Editor / Contributor
Arguably the busiest content creator in the Jurassic community, Tom is also a mainstay on Collect Jurassic where he authors popular feature articles and provides in-depth coverage of anything LEGO related. You can also find Tom all over social media as “Tom_Jurassic”, and as a key contributor to the Jurassic Collectables YouTube Channel and The Jurassic Park Podcast.

Victoria / Podcast Producer / Contributor
Not content to only produce and publish two of her own podcasts (Cantina Chatter & Discoveryland), Victoria teamed up with Collect Jurassic to create the Collect Jurassic World podcast in early 2019. Her “Victoria’s Cantina” platform also covers Jurassic, Star Wars and many other toylines on its various social media profiles linked below.

Joshua / Contributor


Austin / Contributor